Why we are the Best

Why we are different?

Being compassionate individuals, we observed and realized how a major portion of elderly need home care services because of a disability secondary to a medical illness. Almost every senior home care company employs home care aids that have no knowledge of the condition or illness that has left the client in a state which does not allow letting them take care of themselves. This naturally means the ‘one size fits all’ approach dramatically limits the quality that senior care home care providers render to their clients.

We have, therefore, devised our own unique model of training home care providers, (disease specific), by our specialty physicians and nursing staff. Not only are these disease specific trained home care providers able to understand the condition behind the disability of the clients, they also tailor the care plan according to the disability. This drastically enhances the level of home care and communication between the clients and the senior care home providers.

Apart from that, we offer cost effective services to our clients. Not only that, we also provide several FREE benefits to our valuable members. We proudly boast to be the only specialty in-home care provider company in Fresno and other counties of California.