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Rosehip Tea for Chronic Inflammation
Author: Dawn Flemming
February 8th, 2019

Rosehip is a strong anti-inflammatory that can help with chronic autoimmune conditions such as arthritis and irritable bowel disease.

By Dawn Flemming

Chronic inflammation is the disease of the century. It is responsible for the development of many cancers and the underlying factor behind so many of our autoimmune diseases like arthritis. Just as our environment and the things we consume contribute to inflammation, it can also work to lower inflammation. Herbal teas have been of particular benefit. In this article, I’m going to go over one especially powerful herb that can help with inflammation: rosehip.

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Rosehips are the fruits of the rose plant. They are either dried or crushed. After flowering they look like little red fruits which are usually the size of little cherry tomatoes. In a sense, they look like miniature versions of pomegranates. Rosehips have been popular for food, but they’re also popular for medicinal teas and oils.

Rosehips contain many powerful nutrients, including vitamin C, flavonoids, polyphenols and catechins and other kinds of antioxidants.

Reduction of Inflammation

Studies have shown that rosehip tea can significantly reduce chronic inflammation that is associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis and even improve mobility.

Take a look at what this 2007 study said:

The ethanolic extract was shown to possess significant inhibitory activity against inflammatory models (i.e., carrageenan-induced and PGE1-induced hind paw edema models, as well as on acetic acid-induced increase in a capillary permeability model) and on a pain model based on the inhibition of p-benzoquinone-induced writhing in mice. 

According to the study, this is because it lowers the oxidative stress that is associated with inflamed tissues in the body. Rosehip tea is also useful in that its anti-inflammatory properties can sooth tissue inflammation that is associated with inflammatory irritable bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis.

Rosehips are generally safe to consume, but if you have health issues make sure to speak to your doctor before introducing anything new to your diet.

Dawn Flemming is Director of Business Services at Geriatric In-Home Care in Fresno, California.

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