Cancer / Oncology


Advances in cancer treatment and changing health care systems have led to shorter hospital stays and the elderly being cared for at home. Often times, cancer patients wish to be in a more comfortable and secure environment such as their own home. Although a sad reality of life, many terminally ill patients intend to stay at home as they do not want to be separated from their familiar surroundings, relatives and loved ones. Our home care providers assist patients to achieve this desire. This frequently involves a team-oriented approach which entails doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, family members, and others. In-Home care for cancer patients can be demanding for both patients and caregivers resulting in a shift in relationships. Such a situation requires families to tackle new concerns and survive all cycles of patient care. To assist them in preparing for these transformations, patients and their families are at all times encouraged to resolve their queries and attain as much information as possible from us. Our In-Home Care services include

  • Medical equipment
  • Regular visits from registered nurses, physical therapists, and social workers
  • Assistance in running errands
  • Serving and preparation of food, with high priority give to personal hygiene
  • Delivery of medication

As new challenges are met with each new treatments and their side-effects, you can rest assured that our home care providers who are specialty trained by Board Certified Physicians are able to understand what is essential and provide you with the comfort and understanding that you truly deserve. To learn more about our specialty services, feel free to contact us.